What I wish I knew as an NQT/ECT

What I wish I knew with Jeremy Crook

June 16, 2022

Having been asked many questions by this year's crop of trainee teachers from the Essex Primary SCITT, I decided to make a podcast of me answering some of the questions based on my knowledge and experience of 40 years in primary schools.

I could have made 15 podcasts with the number of questions they asked, but I have selected 5 questions for this podcast and will repeat the Q and A approach in future to answer more of the questions.

So in this podcast I discuss ...

  • Why do some schools still set children by ‘ability’ when all the research shows it does not work? 

  • Dual Coding - Why is this so important to children's learning? What style of dual coding is effective for them and you? 

  • How can you ensure your TA has the most impact within the classroom? 

  • How does building relationships with each child impact on their self-belief, motivation and learning successes?

  • How do you instil a high expectations culture in the classroom? 

Huge thanks to all those who asked questions - Helen, Zoe, Lianne, Callum, Jo, Andrew, Faye, Megan, Lara, Lucy, Rowan, Natasha C, Gemma, Jessica, Keri, Rhiannon, Alicia, Natasha R, Marna, Beth.

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